WellcomeMat's video platform keeps you at the forefront of the real estate video revolution. With 5,000 filmmakers, affordable ways to create content, and superior video distribution, WellcomeMat is where video becomes profitable for agents, brokers and brands Photo by Keith Cuddeback
Why do real estate professionals, brokerages and brands WellcomeMat?
Barbara Corcoran
Founder, Corcoran Group
"Upload your home video to wellcomemat.com. WellcomeMat is the real estate version of YouTube. You can even find a videographer there."
Doug Heddings
"Video for me has been the absolute, unparalleled, most effective marketing tool that I've had in 17 years. As soon as I go in and meet with a seller and say, "Let me show you a video of one of my other properties", they're blown away and they want that."
Joel Burslem
"[WellcomeMat's] upload process is easy and their patented video player is second to none. The ability to add tabbed chapter markers to the video file makes is a visually compelling way to highlight the selling features of a property."
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