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Part 1 of a Video presentation of the 15 Park Row building, produced by URBAN LENS (Minos Papas and Roey Shmool) for New York Living Solutions.

URBAN LENS is dedicated to the highest quality when it comes to your video needs. We offer a collection of Walkthroughs that will catch the eye and strengthen your property's features. With the use of pristine HD imagery, sleek cinematic lighting and the understanding of your clients expectations, we're able to bring you and your properties the attention they both deserve.

We aim to vivify the imagination and take your clients on a journey through what could be their future home and allow them to see their prospective lives through our lens: Which way would the bed face? Where would I establish my home office? Relax and find comfort? Place cat bowls? Reaching your client on a personal level is both imperative and beneficial.

URBAN LENS offers the option of a Model interacting within the space of your property. Enhancing your client's vision and understanding of your property's layout. In addition, we shed some light on the surrounding neighborhood. After all, the property alone can't tell the whole story.

Contact Minos Papas for more details.