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6 High Island

By Scene Lab Productions
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Say what you like about pirates, but Captain Kidd had great taste when he chose this location as his primary Long Island Sound anchorage. The pristine natural harbor that today keeps islander boats safe, was, in the late 1600's, the ideal location for Captain Kidd to escape detection by the British Navy. The Buccaneer Company, the co-op that owns the island, was formed in 1906 and has cherished the incredible natural beauty and peaceful way of life established by the original families. This location is truly remarkable. Situated between Boston and NYC, on the island you feel as if civilization and the pace and stress of modern life are far away. Amazingly, a fifteen minute ferry ride and ten minute drive return you to Rt 95. The island itself is magical; an enchanted amalgam of forest, pink granite, flowers, seascapes everywhere you look, fish feeding, birds fishing, butterflies migrating, and nature's creative energy on display ceaselessly. The standard feature listing is inadequate for this property as the whole is so much greater than the parts, but some items that stand out: clay tennis court, large grass grove for badminton or bocce & stunning sunset views, two docks, harbor for 6-8 boats, sand beach with kayak & small boat launch and storage, a comfortable classic rustic cottage, high and dry above storm surge and flooding, and last but not least, an amazing garden lovingly created and maintained by the current owner. You will love it!