Mission Statement

WellcomeMat is making video the center of the real estate consumer experience by maximizing the value of video for agents, brokers and brands.

The WellcomeMat Manifesto

+ We believe that consumers have an undeniable right to videos that help them to find new places to live and work.

+ We believe that being creative, taking risks and making mistakes is the only way to be extraordinary.

+ We believe that high quality, professionally produced videos are for marketing and user generated videos are for communicating.

+ We believe that full motion video is the most powerful way for real estate professionals and companies to market themselves and the most efficient way to sell, rent or lease properties.

+ We believe that our focus on real estate empowers us to solve huge problems for consumers and industry professionals alike.

+ We believe that our products, know how and technologies unquestionably help our customers to beat their competition.

+ We believe that our team's happiness is non-negotiable and that running our company profitability is the only way to see our dreams realized.

+ We believe in being stewards of the real estate video revolution, helping video creators whether they are customers or not.

+ We believe that a portion of our profits should be used to make our world a better place.

+ We believe that video is forever changing real estate for the better.