How can I manage settings for all of my videos at once?

Your Global Video Settings dictate how content is automatically shared, linked, distributed and listed.

You will find the Global Video Settings link in the left hand menu of your video section.

In this section, you will be able to determine if your default setting for your videos is active or inactive. By selecting ‘Active’, videos will automatically be marked as active after they have been encoded and they will be publicly viewable. Selecting ‘Inactive’ requires you to review and activate videos after encoding if you would like them to be publicly viewable.

You can allow people to share your videos through your video player by enabling the share button. WellcomeMat always suggests including the Share option as this increases views and viewer engagement.

In this section you can also determine if you would like WellcomeMat to distribute a video file to Facebook or embed your video using the WellcomeMat player.




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