Tricking Out your DSLR for Video (B&H article)

By Gary Hudson
September 23, 2009

Here's an interesting article about HD Video-capable DSLRs, and directly or indirectly about image stabiliation, device convergence, quality audio, etc. 

The first three paragraph are included below; it's interesting to note a possible 7D sub-$2K encore to the 5D coming down the pike.  The article also surmises that we likely have seen the watershed mass-scale market acceptance and appetite for HD video ... and specifically the Nikon D90, Canon 5DMII, and Panasonic DMC-GH1 all come out as a new device subcategory in the last year (i.e. VSLR - Video (HD) enabled DSLR still photography cameras).


Tricking Out your DSLR for Video

By David Speranza

Intruders have entered the world of video. They're small, they're stealthy, and they offer the biggest bang for the buck since the Alaska Purchase. We're talking, of course, about digital SLRs--specifically those that shoot high-definition, progressive video.

These hybrid interlopers, known by some as "VSLRs," are wielding their swollen sensors and 35mm optics like digital clubs over the head of prosumer video--each new model prying yet another finger loose from the once-secure grip of affordable HD camcorders.

Nikon D90The Nikon D90, with its 720p video, was the first to cross the high-definition threshold, followed quickly by the even more impressive Canon 5D Mark II, which upped the ante (and price) by offering full-frame 1080p, plus mic input, for under $3,000. Soon Panasonic weighed in with its micro 4/3 DMC-GH1--not technically an SLR, but notable for bringing full manual control and autofocus to the large-sensor party. The latest chapter is being written by the Canon 7D, which, with its variable frame rates (24p/25p, 50p/60p) and sub-$2K price, has shooters anointing it with "Chosen One" status before a single piece has sold.

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