Facebook Re-Authentication for Video File Uploads

By Brian Andzejewicz
March 30, 2016
Last week, we launched direct file upload to Facebook through WellcomeMat's platform. And an exciting announcement it was! Our tests revealed that view counts for videos that are uploaded instead of being sent in an embedded player form receive 190% the amount of views!

This feature, however, require our partners to re-authenticate their Facebook account. Please follow the directions below to reset your Facebook token:

1) Make sure you are logged into Facebook on a browser tab. Go to Facebook's App Settings. Locate WellcomeMat in the list and delete your connection to WellcomeMat.

WellcomeMat Facebook Token

2) On a new tab, go to your Connected Services page in your WellcomeMat. Click “Remove" from your existing Facebook link (your personal account) and uncheck you linked pages. Now click the +add for Facebook. Accept all permissions your are prompted to approve in the popup.

WellcomeMat Connected Services
3) Once you close the popup, your connected services page will refresh - showing green and connected to Facebook.

4) You should now see a list of pages you administer. Select the page you would to distribute to (only choose one).

WellcomeMat Social Media Distribution

5) Select you preferred Facebook video distribution type in Global Video SettingsDefault is to use embedded videos or you may use the direct video upload option.
Facebook Direct File Upload Settings

Please note: The larger the video file, the greater chance of a distribution failure. We recommend compressing with the H.264 codec to ensure that your videos are of the smallest size and highest quality. 

Feel free to reach out to our Support team if you have any questions or issues when going through these steps.
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