Show Me, Show Me, Show Me!

By Tim Kent
April 14, 2008
I see a lot of videos featuring sweeping views of spaces, offering very little in the way of detail on specific design elements within a room. What do I mean?

If I am looking at a bathroom scene, what I really want to see are closeups of its various features. Heck, get in there so that I can make out the hot/cold engraving on the faucet me the chrome-plated hinges on the medicine cabinet, the tile work in the shower. Show me, show me, show me!

Think about it. When you take a tour of listing in person, you don't just stand in the doorway to a room and take a panning walk in, touch a counter-top, open a cabinet, run your hand over a shelf feeling the grain of wood, etc.

As videographers, we need to think like the home buyer. We need to create a visual experience that gets them as close to the property as this medium will allow. Otherwise, we're doing little more than what 360 virtual tours already accomplish.

To Christian's point in an earlier posting...get away from static, tripod shots...move around, get up close, and think like someone would who's about to make the biggest purchase of their life!

What do you all think?
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