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By Ray Lane
December 31, 2008
Since these voards have been slow of late, no doubt due to the holidays. I thought I would toss up a question for everyone.

Over the years, I have run across, quite literally, dozens of 'opportunities' where you join a network as a videographer, and hopefully get work. Most times, it doesn't happen. I was just curious, if anyone has ever gotten work from any of these groups, and if so, which ones?

My experience.

1. Turn Here: A member of WellcomeMat. I signed up with these guys a couple years ago. I talked to people in the office a few times, but nevver got anything....until a couple of weeks ago. Now I am shooting projects with them quite regularly. If you haven't joined this one, do it.

2. E•LocalLink: This one isn't one you sign up for, but it's similar. These folks send videographers out to do community vieos. They pay well, and have actually flown me around the country to shoot videos.

3. MonkeySee: Joined, nothing happened.

4. Elance: Again, a little different. You pay to join and bid on jobs (like an auction). I have made some money here, but it's tough to compete with people who will bid $100 to shoot a video that should cost $2000

5. Expert Village: This one was OK. The shoots are easy and the pay is pretty food for the amount of work you do. Th problem I found was that you had to seek out experts to be in the videos, and you spend way too much time doing that....making the payout unprofitable.

6. PixelFish: I am trying them out, we'll see
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