Exporting - formats, aspect ratios, and frustratio

By Sarah Taylor
July 27, 2008
My Sunday has been spent trying to figure out the best format to export my video from to get the highest quality and I've spent hours searching online forums for answers.
Here's what I'm doing:

5 minute video in Final Cut Pro
Working with NTSC DV SD footage shot in 30P
Exporting with H.264 QuickTime Conversion
Saving as 640 x 480 aspect ratio
Restricting data rate to 400 kbits / sec
Setting to 15 frames per second

- amazingly (and unbeknownst to me) the 15 FPS looks better than 30 fps. The 30 fps is very pixelated.

I'm on a 24" HD monitor that could possibly make my video look crappy - so I'm uploading to YouTube and will check it out on my other laptops.

What's everyone else doing? I know there have been threads in the past and I've read those but they didn't help - just confused me more b/c they weren't tailored to my situation. Yes, it IS all about me! j/k

Thanks in advance! - Sarah
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