Copyright Issues

By Fred Light
March 22, 2008
Just another caution about using copyrighted information on the web.

1) It's just plain not cool to steal from other people. Enough said.

2) It's also a bit of a legal issue. That's why there is a concept called 'copyright'.

3) Stealing copyrighted music for videos and publishing them on the web is opening yourself up to a variety of potential legal issues. I can't believe how many videos I see right here on WellcomeMat not only with copyrighted music, but with music that is so well known almost anyone can identify it! One can find tons of royalty free music online - much of it is even free.

I recently had someone actually steal my VOICE. It was re-engineered a bit to sound like Darth Vader, but they clearly copied it (oddly enough it was from a [bad] promotional video I did a couple of years ago and I'm not even sure why someone would WANT to copy this.... !)

The other day, I found a real estate video tour company who has completely stolen content from my website - word for word, page by page, including graphics that I made. They were even so bold (or stupid) to link to something ON my website, presenting it as theirs! If you're talented enough to create good video, you should be talented enough to create something original.


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