Anyway to default to HD?

By Tommy Hazleton - Broker
March 19, 2014
So, I'm assuming most everyone has noted the default to 480p on the player.  I shoot in HD, Edit in HD, and of course watch in HD on my 27" iMac, and my company is actually called High Def Realty.  Of course I realize folks watch videos on mobile devices where it doesn't matter as much but I don't trust that viewers, and looking at my analytics they are watching at home on what is likely an iPad or larger, are going to be savvy enough or even care enough themselves to bother to take the time to click and make the change to 720P.  

But as the auteur I'd love a way to force a minimal resolution of 720p on the viewer by default (they can change it lower of course I'm not a total HD Nazi)  As is I'd have to point it out on my site, kinda like I still have to do sadly with anything I post on fb as they aren't going to default to HD either.  

I want to say maybe I saw some HTML way back in the day for a default on an embed but even then none of that helps with an unbranded version link and that's the majority of the views on any MLS, and in my market 99% of the time that's where the buyer will have seen it and you know what they say about first impressions.  

So just putting it out there, wondering if others have thought the same thing, other thoughts, drawbacks, what have you.  

Thanks for weighing in.  

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