YouTube - The Opposite Effect of Google

By Phil Thomas Di Giulio
November 5, 2010

YouTube is not a WellcomeMat competitor. How in the world can I say that? It's easy: YouTube is a video site based on entertainment and ad revenue. WellcomeMat is a platform built to connect real estate brands with consumers, on THEIR site. In the event that you are entertainment focused, maybe you dig YouTube's revenue share arrangement. In the event that you use video to drive/qualify leads or pull traffic into your own site, you are flat out kidding yourself toying around on YouTube.


Two Search Scenarios:
1) A web user searches for something via Google > finds a website worth visiting as a top result > clicks to the site and lands on the website (lots of magic can happen here).

2) A web user searches Google (or YouTube, the second largest search engine) > finds a video that was posted to YouTube > user clicks to YouTube to watch the video. Think this person is going to land on your site? It's simple logic at this point that video views on YouTube rarely turn into leads for service professionals. We are not even considering the fact that people looking for real estate (properties or data) would never use YouTube to find it to begin with. Would you?

The Challenge
For WellcomeMat's partners, it is easy for us to index videos on their site. We've been doing this for a long time. My challenge for our development team has always been to figure out how to properly index video content on every WellcomeMat users' site. It's been a constant challenge and I have stayed on our team about it, relentlessly. WellcomeMat Pro customers can now embed a custom video channel on their site AND this content will automatically be indexed on their site within search engines. Anytime videos are shared from WellcomeMat OR our users/partners site, viewers will be linked back into your channel, on your site. We've been doing this for partners for a long time, but please join me in congratulating WellcomeMat's rock star developers on meeting "The Challenge."


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