Does it matter where videos are viewed?

By Phil Thomas Di Giulio
October 18, 2011

People are seeing the light; the conversations and topics about real estate video are maturing to a level where we realize that significant progress is being made.

Outside of the real estate industry, it is common place for people know what the downsides of YouTube and free video platforms are:

1) Loss of control (no control over how and where your content shows up). Ads may run...they may not. Ads that do run may not fit with your brand vision, but they might.

2) Loss of leverage (content being indexed by free sites, leaving views to always occur there instead of users' websites)

3) Lack of traffic being referred by free video sites to users' sites.

The fact that the real estate industry finally knows that video is powerful is a huge accomplishment. Now it comes down to best possible scenarios. As a refresher...the following chart demonstrates WHERE viewers are actually coming from.

Percent of Referred Traffic by Source

Just recently, in the "All things real estate video" group in Facebook, the conversation moved into the direction of how video sites are doing in getting their videos ranked within search engines (Google alone makes up 65% of all video viewer referrals--to be read, Google creates 65% of video views on the web). The difference is that WellcomeMat links within Google forward directly into our partners' and users' websites, automatically! There's nothing to do...nothing to just works!

Facebook thread from All things Real Estate Video

It is a good day in the world of real estate video!


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