I am constantly amazed at how STUPID people are.

By Fred Light
January 5, 2010

Geez....  I've had my voice stolen by a guy in Florida (yes...  he took my narration and put it on HIS video and slowed it down - I sounded like Darth Vader!).....   I've had my website ripped off countless times....  BUT...   this one takes the cake. I'm pissed and I'm dumbfounded!


Steve Godlewski of Bloomington, IL


This dude not only stole my ENTIRE website, word for word....


He even says he submits his (Illinois) videos to our MLS services in New Hampshire, Maine and Massachusetts, because he didn't even BOTHER to read the copy and maybe change it..... for Illinois??? Where he's based!  IDIOT.


He puts up some wonderful video samples on his website...  I should know... because they're all mine.  You would never know though, because he put HIS watermark in the upper right hand corner of each video.  Why he wants to claim New England videos as his own in Illinois is beyond me.  IDIOT.


He copied his site literally word for word from my site (except he did spell one word wrong...)  IDIOT


I am constantly amazed at the stupidity of some people.  Seriously.


And as many of my enemies will tell you (fortunately I don't have that many).... you really DON'T want to piss me off because you WILL regret it.


Contemplating next move....    




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