Leading RE Annual Conference - Best Practices in Real Estate Video

By Phil Thomas Di Giulio
February 24, 2013

Leading RE Conference 2013

If you attended the sold out 2013 Leading RE Annual Conference (@leadingRE) in Las Vegas,  you were present for one of the best shows in the business. We had the pleasure of speaking on Best Practices in Video panel and hope to have our presentations up online soon. In the meantime, here's a photo from the event. You'll find the rest here on our Facebook page.

WellcomeMat Co-Founder Phil Thomas Di Giulio sharing anecdotal evidence highlighting the powerful 'celebrity effect' video has over a consumer.

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Best Practices in Videos
Location: Yaletown 4

The advent of sophisticated, high-performing video equipment and shorter attention spans have made video a hot topic in the real estate world. There's a limitless array of opportunity for the real estate professional to put your properties, neighborhoods and personalities online for YouTube consumption. But implementation remains a hurdle. How do you do it? Is a "non-professional" video ok? Join us for this fast-paced idea-sharing session on ways to improve your production quality and message when creating property or personal branding videos.

Vicki Ascherl, Real Estate One, Inc., MI

Michael Doyle, Windermere Seattle, WA (@DoyleRealEstate)
Phil Thomas DiGiulio, WellcomeMat, CO (@wellcomemat)
Stephen Schweickart, VScreen, FL (@VScreen)

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Performance Summit: #LeadingrePS
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NOTE: A fair amount of people have been using '#Leadingre' as well.

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