How to bill for event?

By Hal Kench
November 13, 2013
Hello all, I've just been asked to do a video for a gym owner. A type of fitness workout video.  Posted online, dvd, etc...  I'm a bit clueless about how to bill for this event?  I would think it would be at least a 2 hour shoot with setting up lights, sound check, etc...  Then editing.
What would you bill for such an event?

I run a video production club at a high school, so I've got all the equipment and experience, just not the know-how of getting proper compensation.
For a narrated video tour,I'll charge $250.  I usually have to travel 45 minutes each way, an hour in the house, and an hour of editing.

Any input is appreciated.


I decided to bill it like a house, and tack on an extra $100 because I'm dealing with a live person (and the headaches that comes along with dealing with live talent).

I let them know that this was a real bargain (they are getting some pretty outrageous quotes) but if it turns into more work than I anticipate, the rate will go up for the follow up videos.  They are planing around 20 videos total.

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