What am I missing?

By Ryan Hoffman
November 22, 2010

Hey all,

First off, great website.  As a passionate (wannabe) real estate videographer, I am greatful that there is a site specifically dedicted to the industry! Some great tools and people on here!

I am just getting into the game, and I have seen many tactics as far as recruiting customers (real estate agents). Industry gurus like Fred Light talk about how he never approached a realtor or office, and still does good business.  For me, I am just starting and I chose to go down alot of avenues, including becoming a salesman.....seeing how I am a one man operation.  I put on my slacks and sport coat, with some fancy flyers and go door to door to literally 100+ offices in my area.....so far......crickets. 

Agents and brokers looking at me as if I was selling them a knife set.  What I am basically saying/asking is this?

Besides offering free videos (which I have and still cant get that many takers)  

What should I know?

Thanksgiving? Christmas, Winter alwasy slow?

Product is premature?

Economy / Real Estate market play a role?


I think that real estate videos are going to explode, sure all of us here do it, but when you think about it, it is rare. How would agents choose a Virtual tour when they can get a video walkthrough for the same price....

Wating for the phone to ring still.........


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