Narration or No Narration

By Marc Schwarz:
June 12, 2009

 Somebody clue me in, What is the real reason I see so many videos, both well shot and produced and poorly shot, without any narration?  Is it the belief that a picture IS WORTH 1000 words or is it the expense of writing a compelling, emotion evoking script and hiring a professional to voice it or is it that most don't really understand how the narration will add to the goal of the video which is to get the viewer to contact the agent.  Let's face facts, Video does not sell homes, narration does not sell homes, an emotional connection to the property sells homes.  While it is true that video alone can evoke emotion, it is usually, but not always(depending on juxtaposition), video of human beings interacting with each other or the object being sold that will evoke emotion and prompt a response.  Show me a car ad that does not show a person enjoying the car or one that does not have compelling, emotion evoking narration.  Pulling the emotional strings of the viewer is what is needed to compel the direct response that the video is meant for, contact the agent to set up a showing. 

So you do narration, but just describing the property and it's features falls short of the the emotion evoking goal.  Really, does anyone get excited about what kind of heat pump the place has or that it has crown molding and updated windows.  NO.  With the absence of  humans in the video to show the joy of interacting with the features, the FAB method must be imployed through well written, well execuited narration. (if you don't know what the FAB method is, CONTACT ME)

So if you understand that images are only half the ingredient for a compelling video and that a human connection to the property is a must to acheive the direct response intended by the use of video and that a well written, well voiced narrative is the best and least expensive way to make this essential connection, why on Earth do so many property videos have no narration or sub-standard, ineffective, amerature scripts and voice over.

Cost or no understanding of the goal of the video or how to acheive it?  Help me understand.  Thanks.

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