Promoting The Mat At Re BarCamp

By Ray Lane
June 5, 2009

 Well,today we had our first ever BarCamp here in Salt Lake City.  If you've never been to one of these, I suggest that you do.  They are essentially an all-day event filled with seminars.  In our case they were about social networking, and media for real estate.  The events are unstructured so they the various seminars are created by the attendees.  So, for instance someone might 'host' a 'How to use Twitter for business seminar' (easily the most popular today).

I of course, hosted a video for real estate session.  Because my session was in the afternoon, I attended another session titled 'online video'.  This session was hosted by two marketeers that specialize in social networking.  They don't specialize in real estate, soi their stuff was more about getting higher page ranks in google using video, and video blogging.  They were pretty good, but ticked me off a bit when they told everyone that using videos for tours was a waste, especially a professional one.  They said, "nobody wants to watch a produced video".  They suggested a do-it-yourself approach where you just grab a cheap camera and record whats on your mind during your daily travels.  Kind of weird to me.

Anyway, when my session came in the afternoon, I showed the attendees what can be done with video  vs. a regular virtual tour, and showed the how the process works and how it can benefit them.  The attendees were actually really excited about the whole process, and shocked to find out that the price was similar to the 360 tours.  I then went in and showed them al the features of WellcomeMat and how to sign up.  They loved the tools, especially the widgets and the MLS player.  Hopefully this will lead to some new faces in here.

The surprising thing to me was how jawed they were when I pulled out my iPod and played the video on there.  They were blown away that they could carry the tours with them and even plug them into a TV anywhere at anytime.  I then showed them how we put the videos onto itunes, and how people can subscribe and receive new videos.  

After my session, a couple morre people came in and wanted to learn more, so I did an impromptu second class.  Those folks loved the videos as well.  I was subsequentlky asked to teach this at an October event, and at a few lunch and learns.  Overall, I think it was a very successful event.  Seek them out!


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