How to get Real Estate people to shoot video

By James Schulze
March 1, 2009

 How about it folks.  Rather than condemning the slide show mindset, how about converting the real estate professional mind set from only carrying the digital still camera to including a video camera with them.   They can shoot the house in one shot.  The agent must do the digital stills to comply with MLS regulations.  The homeowner cleans the house and does the gyrations only once for non-buyer/broker tour visits.  I am not talking about the zillion dollar homes here with maids to handle all the clean up or some fishing shack village in the middle of nowhere...that part of the market is a no brainer for videography.  I am talking proletariat housing, which is the majority of the work for real estate people.  No one  would use a digital camera if they had to build the camera themselves.  The biggest problem with video is the time and equipment it takes to do post production work, time is the worst for real estate people.  In this market, agents must carry twice the inventory to make the same money they previously made.  Twice the number of customers,  more than twice the number of failed transactions due to buyer financing issues, more interface due to low ball offers which must be presented by law. 

Maybe the solution is to simply not do video on proletariat housing, but that is not where anyone wants to go.  Video encourages people to see homes they like, reinforces the buyers experience and reduces the number of unnecessary showings for the seller.  Is there a method to streamline the process and control cost?

Is this the best solution?

This is started as a thread to find solutions.  Solutions are what is needed.  This forum is the best place for videographers to find and solicit real estate work.  It is simply the cheapest advertising a videographer could possibly have.  What are you going to do to grow your business?


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