Client Requested do you deal?

By Sherri Anderson
September 2, 2008
I was hoping I could ask anyone here how they deal with client requested edits. Last spring when we were so busy we couldn't see straight we also had several of our realtors for one reason or another would request edits on videos we produced. Keep in mind that most of our videos are narrated. It wasn't due to anything we had done wrong, but more the realtors had not mentioned to us of something they wanted to mention in the video, the homeowners wanted more footage of the backyard, etc.

How do you deal with this and what do you charge for this? As we all know time is money. I've found that some of my clients fail to understand that editing is also costly and have to charge them for it. The response to these added charges are generally "surprise". Certainly if we make an error, we will correct it at no charge, however, when it comes just additional requests, after3 years, I still have a hard time getting it through to the client that there is a charge for edits.

Does anyone also have an effective way to conveying to the realtor NOT to get the home seller involved in critiquing the virtual tour? This seems to almost be the kiss of death sometimes as the homeowners are usually much too emotional and too close to the project. Any suggestions here would be greatly appreciated!
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