Some rare feedback as an anecdote

By Stuart O'Steen
October 24, 2011

 One of the things it can be difficult to do is measure the actual impact video has on sales.  I tell my realtors that, really, it doesn't matter.  If listers are more likely to list with you because you do video, then buying from me pays for itself in listing volume. Still, when I DO get feedback that indicates a direct cause and effect between video and a home sale, I get excited.  So, I thought I'd share this one with all of you.

I was recently asked to do a sales video for a home in the mountains, west of here.  Mountain homes have a certain charm, but the realities of fire danger, deep snow, finicky plumbing and wells, and the like tend to limit the market for them.  It's been hard to sell them here for some time, due to a recent, well-publicized fire and generally soft market.

This particular home had been on the market for months, until the sellers relisted with a new agent -- one of mine, actually.  I did a video for them, and this is the feedback I received from the sellers this morning:

"Great to hear from you. We so enjoyed meeting you as well.

Life got crazy for us thanks to your video. I just now found your email. So sorry I did not get back to you sooner.

Your video sold our home!!!! least put it under contract. "

The home was under contract in a matter of two weeks, after being on the market for many months. 

So, here we have a home with no activity that went to a home with "crazy" activity after a video was made and distributed.  It wouldn't pass muster in a scientific journal, I know, but there's no doubt in my mind that video made a huge difference for these folks.

Here's a link to the video if you're interested.

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