Listing Service in the Virtual Tour Business

By Sherri Anderson
June 22, 2010

In the past few months, the #1 listing service here in the Metro Atlanta area has decided to offer their members FREE virtual tours.  These tours are actually comprised of the photos posted on each listing and then put in to a slide show.  Unfortunately I've lost a couple of clients because of these "tours".  The real heartbreaker is that if a shoot stills for my client and they put them up, the listing service then takes MY copyrighted material and puts another virtual tour provider's logo on it! 

I approached the listing service (and it seems I wasn't the only one in the area) and was promptly told that once the material is posted ie; pics, etc. They now OWN the pictures and all copyrights and can "do anything they want with the pictures".  They also stated, "We're getting sick of hearing from you virtual tour providers" and then hung up on me!  Are any of you out there experiencing this too?

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