Paid at closing?

By Hal Kench
November 7, 2009

I know it has been brought up as an option, but has anyone actually done a tour with the understanding that you'll get paid upon closing (at a hefty tariff)?  I just finished a job for a broker who liked the idea of putting off payment until closing, with the understanding that his final video price would be triple.  Of course you would have to draw up a contract, and be prepared to get stiffed.  My thoughts are that if you trust the broker, get a contract, and include the stipulation that as soon as they renig, ALL of their video tours get shut down, that it may work.  In my particular situation, I'm thinking of offering the deal to this one broker (whom I trust, but will still get a contract).  And I'll only offer this deal on homes within a close radius of my home.  He currently has listing all over the place.  If I'm driving 45 minutes for no money till closing, or worse yet, no money if the listing is lost, it could get expensive.  I'm a true beleiver that if you want to make a big splash, you've gotta take a chance here and there.  Although there is a fine line between a big splash, and a big splat!  Thoughts?  Comments?

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