Well, it finally happened to me.

By Hal Kench
August 10, 2009

I've been in business for going on 6 years (wow, where did the time go?) and I've NEVER been stiffed by a realtor.....until today.  This is the email I got after sending multiple emails asking the realtor to pay the bill. 

Hi Hal,

  You can throw it out.  I have not been able to rectify this with the owner.  Since he did not like the product and I won't be using it, I hope we have an understanding there is no bill.  I lost time and money as well with this owner and he is holding me accountable for the bad virtual tour.  I lost the listing due to this.  Janice Hayden

What a dead-beat.  I've done 3 tours for this realtor over the past 6 years.  And I've done hundreds of tours for others, but this is the first time I've heard that my "bad tour" made the realtor lose the listing.

This is what people will see when they click onthe video tour link:  http://www.suffolkhometours.com/hayden/81moriches.html

Any ideas on how to get some money out of this deal?  I charged her $200, the house was about 4 miles from mine.

I'm going to call the manager of Coldwell Banker at her office and try and get some satisfaction.  Even if I get no $, I'll be happy to let every other Coldwell Banker realtor know that they must pay in full before the tour is shot because this woman stiffed me.


Ugg.  Rant over.  It's only money, right?


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