Need A New Universal Standard for Video Tours

By Marcus Angeline
November 18, 2009

 I wish we could come up with a new standard for our type of work. With "Video Tours" on the horizon and a flock of Realtors that will no doubt be trying to market their image as having Video Tours which will probably be in some format similar to a Virtual Tour or some cheesy shaky unlit  DIY video. Then they will post it to YouTube, embed it on their website and tell the whole world about how they now have "Videos". So I guess if we are trying to market our product definition as Real Estate Video Tours, we aren't really differentiating ourselves with the type of work we do. Sure we can show a demonstration of our work and clearly show people the difference but calling myself a Real Estate Video Tour producer doesn't seem like it will hold much value as the market starts to focus on video. I have been calling my work "Commercial Grade Video Tours" but I wish there was a new standard for what we do. Any suggestions? Is there an association for us like WEVA  has?  A Certified Member of..........? It is tough in this market and Realtors sometimes don't actually see the benefit of what we do as professional filmmakers. What do you think?

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