Looking for the BEST video tour that you have seen

By Tourflix Studios LLC
April 6, 2009

When I first started doing video tours about one year ago, I saw a video tour of a home in Colorado that just blew me away.  It really opened my eyes to the power that these tours can have over a viewer online.  After all this time I have not been able to find that tour again...I am guessing it is probably here on The Mat, but not real sure.  There are many, many videos on here and I do not have the time nor effort to search for videos, so what I am asking is...let's all submit to this thread our all time FAVORITE video tour, the one that just makes you say,"Wow, that is a great video tour!"  I think this could be really fun too see all the "greats" in one place and get some involvment in The Hood.  One caveat however, the video tour can not be one of your own, as to encourage looking at others' videos here.  Sorry that I am long here, I hope this ends up being fun...if not at least I tried.




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