A Videography Experiment

By Jeff Davis
March 4, 2009

I've been reading with great interest the discussion on what constitutes a "video" here on WellcomeMat.  My goal is to produce something that will help the realtor sell their properties.  Since I only produce videos that are "full motion video", my ability to post the productions here is a moot point.

As a brief background on my career, I've spent the past 40 years working as a broadcaster in radio and television here in Oregon.  I've produced literally thousands of commercials and DVD's.  Some have been award winning, some have been stinkers.....

After reading some of the scripts, I have even politely declined to produce some of them, because I didn't want to be associated with the product, or the project.

Producing real estate videos is something I have only recently offered, and it represents less than five percent of my business.

For a very limited time, I have made the following offer to several realtors and agencies here in Oregon.  I will produce a video tour of your property, and post it online.  When the property sells, then, and only then, will you pay me the production fee.

It's like the Video Professor TV ads...if you like it, you'll want to buy my product.  If not, you don't owe me a thing, and the only one who stands to lose anything is me.

My expectations of the results are absolutely unbiased.  However, my pitch has been that the newspaper will not guarantee results, but rather say that they allowed you access to their readers, and you get what you can take.  They don't ask for additional dollars if you're successful, but they don't want to share the risk if you don't sell the property by offering you a refund.

Keep in mind this is only an experiment.  If it works, I am prepared to hire additional crews to keep up with the demand.  If not, I will continue to concentrate on the bread and butter end of my business, which is creating website video for all types of businesses, and fund raising videos for non-profit agencies.

The results will be posted here on WellcomeMat.

Your comments and predictions will be enthusiastically Wellcomed!

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