What is the best solution to the 10 second bounce?

By Phil Thomas Di Giulio
March 25, 2013

Time Visiting Webpage So Far

You're probably familiar with the often overhyped stat that you have 10 seconds or less to provide visitors (users) reason not to leave your website. Turns out this stat isn't overhyped enough. The first 10 seconds of any web page visit are in fact critically important to the success of any webpage. Furthermore, Human Computer Interaction researchers at Microsoft have also discovered that 99% of Web pages have a negative aging effect. Meaning the longer a user remains on a webpage so decreases the chances of said user leaving prematurely (the diminishing bounce). You see most web pages kinda stink -- and this is where you come in. Because you (the user) have: (A) developed a keen eye for differentiating quality from crap and (B) a limited amount of time on your hands #ADHD, you have gotten very good at deciding when to bounce and when to stay.

So let's apply this bit of logic to a real estate webpages (listings and community info). 
Assuming all things being equal in terms of high quality, which of the following options offers the BEST opportunity to keep a user's attention for more than 10 seconds? NOTE: Before you answer, keep in mind the following statement by the Neilsen Norman group“if you can convince users to stay on your page for half a minute, there's a fair chance that they'll stay much longer — often 2 minutes or more, which is an eternity on the Web.”.

A. Listing data
B. HD Photos
C. HD Video tour

Answers wellcome in the comments section below...
p.s. Feel free to elaborate on your position. Thanks!

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