Zillow's First TV Ad - The Power of Video

By Phil Thomas Di Giulio
September 17, 2012

Zillow's launched it's first ever TV commercial today entitled, “Find Your Way Home”. The ad (above) features a young woman searching for homes on Zillow, imagining her family in one of those homes. What do you think of the commercial? Will this touch and inspire the consumer? Does it strike the correct tone for Zillow's brand? Let us know in the comments section below.

Here's my take...

I think they took the right approach by using video to focus on the value of what's possible in a home rather than what's already present and obvious. In doing so they strike a delicate balance between left (logic) and right (emotion) brain thinking. To that point, the commercial reminded me of this blog post we posted back in March entitled, “The Clues to a Great Real Estate Story”. Here's the most relevant portion of that post. Let me know if you agree or not. Thanks!

- - -

Deciding where to live is both a left and right brained decision making process. Fortunately for the left brain (logic), the entire online search experience has become a far more easy world to navigate. Simply determine the qualities (i.e. # of bedrooms/baths, price, etc.) you’re looking for in a home > apply those criteria to specific search on Move, Trulia, Zillow or brokerage site > and wade though hundreds of listings until you find a few you want to visit for closer inspection.


A home is more than just the sum of its parts, i.e wood, drywall, brick and/or stone. A home becomes a backdrop for our lives, a ‘setting’ for the thousands of stories waiting to unfold into the future. In this sense the final decision (largely visceral) rests with the right brain. Photos, demographics, home values and other static information can be quite useful when crunching raw numbers, but does little to help us visualize what it might feel like to actually live somewhere.

This is where video shines...

Filmmakers are natural storytellers. Through the power of visual storytelling a filmmaker can not only help show what’s plainly visible, but help consumers imagine what is possible.

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