Did Facebook create the greatest real estate video of all time?

By Rudy Bachraty
October 5, 2012

While watching the recent Facebook video in honor of surpassing the 1 Billion user mark, I couldn't help but think how it resonated with me, as a home buyer.

Did Facebook create the greatest real estate video of all time without even knowing it?

The entire video talks about the things that connect us. I loved seeing all the cool places highlighted, how people of all ages were having fun and the great memories that were being created. 

These are things a potential home buyer or renter looks for in a community, a town or a neighborhood. All the elements that every great community real estate video should have. I felt like it would be so amazing to Live there and experience a lifestyle like that while being a part of that vibrant Community.

A great nation is something people build, so they can have a place to belong

What a great statement. The same can be said about the cities, towns, communities, neighborhoods, blocks or even the hi-rise building we live in. Together, people make it a great place to call home and belong.

I want to connect with more ""real estate" videos, like this one. Will you create one for me and other consumers?

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