October 17, 2019

You are putting forth the time, effort, and capital to produce high quality videos for your listings.  Now, let’s look at some things you can do to get your videos seen by as many people as possible. The following are a few general SEO tips you can use to maximize your views:

-Start with a good thumbnail image:  find the still shot from within your video that captures the essence of your listing or upload your own.  Be creative. Many people simply accept the shot assigned by their video platform and use that as the thumbnail, but that might not be the most representative still of your video.  Grab attention with your thumbnail.

-Choose your platform wisely:  many video sites, such as YouTube, are great for video itself, but they do little to create inbound traffic to your website.  Your viewers are most likely to stay on the free platforms, keep watching the next videos that pop up, or simply fade away without having a chance to connect offline with you.  Better for you would be a platform that focuses on sending the traffic directly to a place where you generate new leads.

-Make the video playback part of the webpage itself:  this won’t always work for everyone, but consider making the backdrop of your main page a video.  The more people have to crawl around to find your video, the lower you can expect it to be ranked. Here are some great examples of pages using video excellently:  Sinclair Realty Bermuda and Halstead.

-Pay attention to titles and descriptions:  this is where you need to do some research. Spend some time looking into key words that people are searching for.  By knowing what words users are actually searching for, you can optimize your placement. Remember, it is most important to create content that demonstrates you, your authenticity and your professionalism, but there are tools that show you the volume of searches that can help you land new business. There are even sites like BuzzSumo that can assist you in choosing good topics for your video marketing 

-Consider adding a transcript:  as more and more people begin watching videos on a greater variety of devices, transcripts can help.  Imagine the scene at your local coffee shop, or sitting next to a friend on the couch who is trying to read.  Incorporating a transcript allows viewers to experience your video in a not-so-private setting, as the sound is no longer necessary.  Have a look at this Cielo24 article that examines human-generated vs. automated transcripts.  If this is a route you choose to take, there are many options available for you, such as Rev, Scribie, and Trint, among others.  

-As you begin to narrow your focus on SEO, don’t forget about your content:  after all, it is your personality that should be driving your video investments.  Keep producing the high-quality, focused content your audience is used to, and begin to incorporate some SEO strategies into your work.

-Go mobile:  with over half of video being watched on mobile devices, it is imperative that you make sure your videos are configured for mobile viewing.  Some platforms do this automatically, but those are often the same ones that are doing you no good in terms of funneling traffic to your site.  

-Variety is your friend:  keep in mind that, with so many video platforms out there, people have their preferences.  Use the various tools that are out there, and appeal to as many potential leads as you can.

-Add videos to blog posts and emails, and add calls to action in your videos.  Don’t be afraid to ask people to like and/or share your videos.

Do your research:  there are many video marketing and SEO blogs out there.  Rather than just throw together your video campaign, take the time to learn as much as you can.  

Don’t be afraid to change:  search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so don’t get stuck in your initial approach.  Look into trends that are specific to what you are trying to accomplish.

I recommend checking out this article from Wordstream and this one from Jeff Bullas to help get your started on your quest for search engine optimization.  If you have any questions or want to learn more, please add a comment to the conversation at the bottom of this post and I will get back with you quickly.

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