Video Proof Pages

By WellcomeMat Blog
February 19, 2014

WellcomeMat has now created time-based proof pages for all of your videos.

What’s a time-based proof page? 

Simple...with each video you post to our system, you get a page that you can present to others inside or outside your company to gather feedback. Comments made on your proof page(s) can be about the entire video or exact moments; proof pages allow you to gain very specific insights and reply to comments right on the proof page. When you post a new version of videos, all past comments are highlighted as such, ensuring that you are gaining feedback on the newest/greatest version of each video.


** Make sure that you mark proof videos with a 'Private' video category in the upload or edit process if you don't want the video to go live yet!

Special thanks goes out the Eric Carlsen and his production company, The Scene Lab, for advocating for this feature in a, “we are not giving up on this,” way!

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