The Benefits of Narration

By Brittany Hallett
February 24, 2014

Around here, we often talk about the theory that the components of videos should be able to stand on their own two feet. In other words, if someone has their sound muted, they should understand the message of your content just using the visual components. If they close their eyes, they should still be able to understand your storyline just listening to the audio.

Great narration can help you to achieve the above goals, but it also allows you describe features and facts of your video that a viewer otherwise might miss if they purely relied on visuals. When you combine audio and visual into one piece you are able to create a more immersive sensory experience for the viewer and we are huge believers.

When adding narration to your video it is important that the quality of your sound and narration matches the quality of your footage. Here are a few tips to avoid when adding narration to your video:

  • Don’t record the audio while you’re filming the video content; it can create muffled sound quality, and--because you are already thinking about not tripping over a lamp--you can miss the things you should be highlighting for viewers.

  • Record all of your narration content at once, noting that recording them at different times and places will give you different sound levels and qualities

  • Try to avoid monotone and overexcited, salesly voiceovers

If you find that your radio voice just isn’t up to par, or that your time is better spent elsewhere, WellcomeMat is making great voiceovers easy to obtain. Check out Voiceover Toolbox in our Video Marketplace where you can outsource professional voiceovers for just $17 each.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about narration don’t hesitate to get the conversation started below!
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