March 6, 2020

Video Power:  Use Video to Drive Traffic and Sell Homes

Since you are reading this, chances are you have embraced the idea that video is here to stay in real estate (as well as everywhere else, for that matter).  The numbers are in, and it is undeniable at this stage in the game that you must integrate video into your marketing efforts not to move ahead, but to stay up to speed with your competitors.  The days of standing out in the crowd because you have video are long gone, but fear not: using video in the right ways can still set you apart from other agents.  

The Numbers

Let’s take a look at a few stats to reassure you that you are doing the right thing by investing in video for your real estate marketing pursuits:

-RIS Media asserts that “73 percent of adults use YouTube, and 69 percent are on Facebook—the top two platforms for usage, and by a gigantic margin. (Instagram is the third most-utilized, at a distant 37 percent.)”

-According to HootSuite, “In 2019, 87% of businesses were using video as a marketing tool, and 90% of them said that they felt competition and noise are on the rise.”

-This graphic from ParkBench speaks for itself:

(Image Source)

-This image from Oberlo shows the reach of video, and the importance of being certain that any videos you produce and distribute are mobile-compatible:

(Image Source)

-More specific to real estate, Biteable reports that “85% of buyers and sellers want to work with an agent that uses real estate videos for marketing” and “86% of homebuyers use video to research a particular community.”

-Picovico asserts that “Real estate listings with video receive 403% more inquiries than those which do not include video” and that “Realtors have collectively seen over a 40% increase in profits from video marketing alone.”

-For more stats that clearly make the case for video, check out our previous blog entitled Why You Need Video:  14 Statistics to Consider.

Videos To Produce

We’ve published several blogs over the past few months talking about the various types of videos that can be useful to you, your brokerage, and your brand.  These include listing videos, client testimonials, agent bios, community videos, and more. For a more in-depth look, take a look at this article entitled Think Outside the Frame:  Creative Ideas for Your Video Marketing Plan.

How To Be Seen

Once you have produced a few videos, you now need to get them out there for the world to see.  We talk about this a lot here in the Neighborhood, and we do that because it is extremely important.  Basically, you need a diversified distribution plan, combining social media, YouTube, your own site (this one is essential for driving traffic), and any other places you deem valuable.  For a much more in-depth look at distribution, check out this previous blog post entitled Video Distribution:  Where to Publish Your Videos and Why.  Here are a couple of takeaways from the aforementioned article:

(Image Source)


(Image Source)

-It is on your own website where you will ultimately have a captive audience, and that is where the magic happens. At WellcomeMat, we’ve had two findings that are relevant here: first, users who find videos on your site will visit 450% more pages while there; and second, video increases website visit session times by 579%.

-The name of the game is to leverage your videos, be they listing videos, bios, community videos, testimonials, or otherwise, to reach the largest possible audience.  By combining YouTube, social sites, and your proper website, you can put together a strong video marketing program.


In today’s real estate world, video is a must, but simply producing video is just the first step.  Once you have video, you want to make your job easy by giving yourself the best possible ‘mission control’ center for ease of uploading and distributing your videos.  This ‘mission control’ center should allow you to distribute videos to YouTube, to your social media accounts, to your MLS, and to your website. At WellcomeMat, that is just what we give our Enterprise customers.  If you are ready to take control of your marketing and generate leads with video, please click here and we will be in touch.


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