April 4, 2020

Times have changed, and quickly.  As we are now all familiar with ‘social distancing’, we know that it is actual physical distancing, and that there are many ways to keep in social contact.  That’s what I’ll be briefly writing about today, and I’ll be gearing it towards agents and brokers.

Basically, there are two categories of work we can be doing in the social realm at the moment:  that which is for immediate release and that which will go out in the future. These two categories, due to our current COVID-19 restrictions, look very different.  

Today, let’s focus on  what we can create to stay social in the now.  While there has, for a long time, been a focus on professional-grade video shooting and editing, our current reality dictates that most video that we create now will be user-generated, and that is great.  With advances in phones and other cameras, we can come up with some pretty high-quality content. While having a tripod and/or a gimbal is helpful, you can get away with a steady hand or propping up a phone with whatever you have at hand, or by taking videos using your computer.  That said, what can you produce now to let your clients know that you are active and at work? Think daily or weekly check-ins, neighborhood/city updates, a sample video tour of your home to give tips to sellers who might need to produce their own tour, and updates on properties on the market in your area. 

Here is one such video you can make with just a phone and a tripod:


Here are some tips for whatever videos you might decide to create during this time:

-Choose your lighting well.  Try to use soft lighting if possible, and make sure it isn’t too dark.  Consider looking at some professional videos to see what the lighting looks like.

-It might seem logical, but find a quiet spot.  Alternatively, consider adding a bit of soft music to the background to give your videos a soothing aspect.

-Do several takes.  Not everyone is used to being on camera, and we aren’t all naturals.  Know what you want to say, but try to make it as natural as possible. Practice makes better.  

-Don’t worry about your videos being perfect.  We are living in an imperfect time, and seeming human is much better than seeming perfect.  Just be yourself and speak to what you know.

Think about the content you are producing, and in particular what would be helpful for clients at this time. You know your clients best, so trust yourself. We recommend continuing to reach your clients and potential clients via the social channels that you typically use. In times of stress, it can be nice to find some normalcy, so conducting business somewhat as usual can be comforting.

Please check back with us regularly, both on the WellcomeMat blog and the CS (Customer Success) blog.  

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