How to Successfully Adopt Real Estate Video

By Marcellee Williams
May 15, 2014

Video is daunting. It is definitely not something that you want to do on your own without some serious training and know-how. Here at WellcomeMat we frequently encounter people who know that video is imperative to real estate marketing but don’t know how to start. This is the advice we offer:

1. Determine a simple video strategy.

Many people burn out on video before they even have the chance to take their first shot. They get caught up in the minutiae of a video production- from cameras and lighting to editing and soundtrack. Or they think too big and want to produce 100 videos in a month.  

While we applaud enthusiasm, our advice is to start simple. Commit to shooting a small handful of videos that will benefit your company most. Community tours highlight the lifestyle for a large number of listings and can be utilized for a number of years. Agent videos can also be used to generate more business.

2. Hire the right filmmaker and don’t cheap out.

Unless you are a trained filmmaker we recommend that you don’t try to shoot your videos on your own. This is a skill that takes time, expensive equipment and practice to develop.

It is just as important to know how to hire the right filmmaker for the job. Always ask for their reel (example video) and rate. If you like the filmmaker's style, talk about what you appreciated with the filmmaker and determine the costs involved. Some styles will cost more simply because of the equipment needed to reproduce a look.

You will find a very wide range of filmmaker rates. But be sure to remember that a filmmaker with the right equipment and skill level most likely won’t be able to charge less than $500/video due to overhead and time costs.  You will always benefit more from one well produced video from a talented filmmaker than three cheap videos that make you cringe to watch.

Check out WellcomeMat’s Find a Filmmaker service to be contacted by vetted filmmakers within your area.

3. Distribute your videos intelligently.

Using a free platform like YouTube or Vimeo can be a valuable tool to market your videos. However, it can also act as a black hole where your viewers are exposed to competitors marketing, natural disasters and distracting cat videos. Consumers do not go to YouTube to find a community video or look for an agent. So why use YouTube as the cornerstone of your video marketing strategy?

Traffic Sources.jpeg

WellcomeMat is a real estate video platform and marketing service that puts you in the drivers seat. WellcomeMat makes your website the video publisher; pushing all traffic back to your site. This allows you to completely control what the viewer sees and gives them actionable next steps. Plus, with a comprehensive analytics suite you always know exactly how successfully your content is performing. Additionally, WellcomeMat makes it exceedingly simple to distribute all of your videos to social media sites and- yes- even YouTube.

Save time.
Save money.

Reach more viewers with every video.
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