Mobile Video?

By WellcomeMat EDU
August 3, 2010

 Okay, so as more and more smart phones are coming down the pipe and falling into the hands of soon to be home buyers. I was wondering what our options were for mobile video links. I am soon to begin development of a mobile site to coincide with my regular website.  

And of course I want to be able to integrate home tour video just the same. As I understand it now, the Wellcomemat videos, which are flash videos, will only work with those phones that have flash enabled.  

So my question is, what are you guys doing with mobile video? So far I can send people to youtube, as most phones can view youtube videos without having flash installed and this has been my "quick" fix. I would love a permanent fix.

I truly believe the future of real estate is people standing in the yard, reading the property flier, and then taking a tour of the home via their home and a 3g/4g network. Obviously the technology isn't there yet for everyone, but it's getting closer with every day and I believe those of us on the forefront of technology will be the true success stories in real estate. I'm sure i'm preaching to the choir on that one over here, but I do wish there was a quick solution for mobile video that would cover most, if not all of the mobile video spectrum.   

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