We work for tips. You?

By Phil Thomas Di Giulio
September 16, 2009
I used to work for tips. I was a waiter, I had no choice. One particular summer, while on a break from college (PSU), I waited tables at a VERY popular local restaraunt called the
Dilworthtown Inn. Actually I was more like what you'd call a 'Bus Boy'. They only hired seasoned pro waiters (apparently 19yrs old with a piercing or two do not qualify), but I made good money nonetheless!

The Dilworthtown Inn is not just any local restaraunt. This joint is one of the most popular destinations in the entire Philadelphia area... candle lit country charm since 1780! But like most places that have been around while, only seasoned veterans truly knew how to make everything work just right. Maybe it was that secret backdoor into the wine cellar, a dumbwaiter that worked better if you pulled the rope twice, candles that had to be placed in certain locations as to avoid being blown out by the wind, the list goes on and on. I never worked there long enough to learn them all, but I learned enough to get around and make it work. The waiters made me feel at home, they we're good to me. Everyone helped out and it made the restaurant run smoother. We worked together and even pulled tips (figuratively and literally).

What I'd like for you to do is to reflect on that story and think about how this experience can be applied to WellcomeMat. I've been a member since day one. I probably know things that you don't. Little tips that could help you use the service more effectively. Maybe you're a WM veteran and have been with us over the years. Perhaps you know something I don't. So let's share WellcomeMat tips and help one another do what we do, only better. I'll start...

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