Forget Virtual Tours - Video is the New Photo

By Christian A. Sterner
August 26, 2009

Forget Virtual can't even be compared to virtual tours. If video could be compared to virtual tours, I would never have even started to work on WellcomeMat. If we were all here to help the 5% of real estate agents and brokers that "get" video, I wouldn't be here at all. 5% would represent an opportunity not worth working on.

Don't frustrate yourself into believing that video is just an incremental improvement to virtual tours just because you are having a hard time getting people to "get it." Here at WellcomeMat, our competition is photos. That's right all, our team has our sites on making sure that we get to a point where the majority of listings have videos.

Naysayers use virtual tours and slide shows as proof that video isn't going to take off every time! Problem with this argument is that video is in the process of being proven as a must have listing tool.

I hear people saying "I see no difference in the performance of listings with video" etc. And, in a lot of cases, they are right. But they are right ONLY becuase almost zero of the real estate search sites state the difference between a listing with video and one with just photos and/or virtual tours. In other words, there is no video icon next to listed results and until there is, we won't have the facts needed to either prove or disprove (yeah right) video.

You heard it here first all: video is the new photo. If you are a frustrated video pro, don't bark at people here in the hood. WellcomeMat is a site built for anyone and everyone that wants to use video. They aren't always going to hire a video pro, but the more people that we have finding their help here on WellcomeMat, the more business you are going to win. Let's all be valuable because I am putting myself on a limb here and stating it again: video is the new photo.

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