No to New Features - Some Notes from WellcomeMat

By Christian A. Sterner
April 14, 2009


We get a TON of feature requests a day. The more our site grows, the more feature requests we get. The more features we have, the more support cases we deal with.

We love feedback. We love feature requests. But, please don't be put off if we are seeming wishy washy about implementing new features. In general, we have to say "No" to feature requests. It just has to be that way.

Just don't lose site of why you love WellcomeMat. Focus.

We are taking any/all feature requests into account, but the larger we grow, the less new features we can roll out in a given time. It used to be that if we put out a new release, we'd deal with a couple, maybe 50 support emails. Now, when we make changes, we get HAMMERED.

Summary: take a deep breath. Features aren't always benefits. Even when there are benefits related to a specific feature, it has to be requests by a ton of people to even get on the radar.

Deep breaths all.



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