Local Video Infotainment: a Positive Movement

By Christian A. Sterner
February 27, 2009


We got lost in a sea of negativity over the last few days. It drained WellcomeMat's team, we had people "over-selling" video services, we had real estate professionals ripping on WellcomeMat, video pros ragging on "cheap" realtors, and-ultimately-we turned into a website where the most prominent emotion/feeling was negativity. Not cool...

Our decision to stick to video was a positive move in the right direction for our company and the people that are most passionate about WellcomeMat. It was NOT a declaration of WellcomeMat as a "filmmaker-only" website, and we got zero enjoyment whatsoever from the exclusion that our decision included.

If someone is a novice on the video front, it's important that WellcomeMat be a warm place for them to get constructive ideas/feedback. As a video pro, providing valuable feedback and information is the best way to win business: going negative is never the right path. You lose everytime.

All of us lose in a big way if negativity is the feeling that people get on our site. This is not TechCrunch where people comment anonymously and lambast one another. Local Video Infotainment is a positive movement. Please keep our site hospitable...

Thank you!

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