Help me with this goofy MLS system!!!!

By Ray Lane
January 20, 2009
Hi All,

I am trying to deal with my local MLS, and they do things in a very weird fashion.....and they charge $500 just to be a tour provider!

Anyway, I am trying to figure out how to implement WellcomeMat into their system. Below is what they sent me.

You will need to maintain a website and provide the tours at a consistent URL with the only variable being the MLS # of the listing.

For example:

Where 12345 is the WFRMLS # of the listing, this should be the only factor that changes in the URL, it does not matter where you place the MLS# or how long the URL is.

For use on WFR’s private website ( the URL can show only the tour. There can be no links in or out of the tour and there can be no advertising or branding information (only information about the listing itself).

For use on WFR’s public website (, you may supply us with a separate URL to show tours that do have listing agent and company contact information (there can be no links in or out).

Before we can set up the tour link we must be able to see a tour at the consistent URL so we can be sure that your tours meet our requirements. When you submit the license, please have a tour ready for us to view. You may email the link to

Before completing the setup process we will require a one time payment of five hundred (500) dollars (this startup fee is waived if you are a broker/agent that is supplying virtual tours only for your own listings).

Tours can be linked to listings in two ways.

To link the tours manually follow these steps:

1. The listing broker/agent will log in to their WFRMLS account.

2. Select the link Listing Input and then select the link Property Tour.

3. The broker/agent will then enter the MLS number of the listing they wish to have a virtual tour linked to. Afterwards please select the OK buton.

4. Then select the name of the Virtual Tour Vendor from the drop down menu. Afterwards please select the Save Settings button.

To automatically link the tours simply send an email to, from the email address you provided at the time of account setup. The subject line can remain blank, however the message body of the email must only contain the MLS number of the listing you wish to have a virtual tour linked to. Once the message is received, the system will automatically link the tour to the listing, but ONLY IF there is not currently a tour linked to that MLS number.
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