WellcomeMat2 is finally here!

By Christian A. Sterner
December 13, 2012
NOTE: WellcomeMat is currently only open to PRO members. If you're interested to learn more about the NEW WellcomeMat, sign up here and be the first to receive updates before we open our door.

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Given our long history of releasing new updates early and often, some of you may have been wondering where we've been. Our answer is simple: we decided to leverage all that we've learned since starting WellcomeMat and completely rework the system.

Why would WellcomeMat even consider rebuilding your video platform?
WellcomeMat's Team has competed against countless startups since 2006 (YouTube, Vimeo, AOL Video, Brightcove to name a few), each with a seemingly endless amount of venture capital money and engineers. To compete with these awesome companies and thrive, we had to 1) keep up (and lead as often as possible) innovation wise, while 2) honing in on the highly-specific needs of real estate professionals, companies and brands. It was exhausting! Towards the end of 2011, we looked behind us and saw a massive legacy of tools, social applications and CODE. 

What should you expect from WellcomeMat2?
We do not want to influence your impression of WellcomeMat2; instead, we are hoping to gather as much feedback from you as humanly possible because we are turning the current version of WellcomeMat Pro (not Enterprise!) off in the coming weeks. This might sound scary, you might find tools that you consider critical missing and-generally-you may feel a bit lost. But, if you are anything like us, you might just start to fall in love with the New WellcomeMat!

If you are reading this, please tell us everything on your mind(s). We will react as quickly as possible. Thank you!

- Team WellcomeMat
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