3 Ways to Know When Video is Being Under-utilized

By Christian A. Sterner
April 7, 2008
One of the things that our team does on a day to day basis is to approve/disapprove videos that are uploaded to WellcomeMat. During this process, we have also been forced to designate slide shows from videos (which, as we all know, are not the same). Sometimes, we have a hard time telling the difference between slide shows and videos, which flat out means that the power of video is not at all being harnessed.

What I am talking about here are tripod/pivot shots. Bottom line is that tripods have their place, but when used as a crutch, they make video very difficult to differentiate against other, lesser mediums.

Without further delay, here are the top 3 ways to know that the power of video is not being used:

*You need to see a ceiling fan spinning to know that you are looking at a video.

*You need to look for blowing grass and trees to know that you are looking at a video.

*You have to see "unnatural" pans, zooms, and shots that could only be done with a video camera.

Lose the tripods and set your videos free! If you don't have enough motion in front of the camera to justify a pivot/tripod, don't use them! Sorry for the rant: back to work I go.
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