Meet the New Video Chaptering on WellcomeMat

By WellcomeMat EDU
December 20, 2012

WellcomeMat launched in 2006 and right out of the gates our understanding was that we would have to approach video a bit differently. Video hosting services were popping up everywhere, but for the most part the user experience was the same: upload > convert for web > playback in a linear format. However, WellcomeMat would focus on real estate and our expectation was that video could be more than entertainment for sake of entertainment, video on our platform would offer information [and hopefully a good story to help sell that property or place!]

Our hypothesis was that video would eventually become the best way to showcase a property online. And, since most properties were showcased online with photos, we decided to take a look at how people view properties on the internet. It turns out that most people have a specific sweet spot, an area of interest (bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, roof deck) that either helps qualify or dismiss a property. So we thought, 'Won't most video tours contain those same elements?'

And so the concept of Video Chaptering would come to life on WellcomeMat. Part of our platform would contain a service helping content owners add keywords or captions to specific moments within their videos (called 'chapters'). Chapters would add context and spotlight valuable content all but ignored by the search engines.

Now there have been many iterations of the chaptering concept along the way, but this one is certainly the version we are most proud of as company. Enjoy and let us know what you think!

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NOTE: You can learn how to add chapters and improve the your customer's video experience by checking out the tutorial: 'How to Chapter Your Real Estate Videos.'
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