April 7, 2015
Last week, I was going through a bunch of old WellcomeMat blog posts from years ago. Coming from the world of ecommerce, anytime I see an industry article or blog post that's 2+ years old, I tend to not even bother reading it because there’s a good chance the information is outdated and no longer relevant. Technology, buyer behavior and innovation changes so rapidly in ecommerce that even something that was considered best practice a few years ago could now be poor advice or even be detrimental in present day practice (I’m looking at you, keyword stuffing!). But I was interested in seeing how much things have changed in real estate video content over the years.

So I’m reading a blog post from 2007 and it made me chuckle because what Matman experienced back then is exactly what my wife and I experienced looking for our first house seven years later. Now, we worked with an awesome agent. Katie (our agent) was extremely knowledgeable about the market, knew exactly what we were looking for and we immediately knew when something hit the market that was a potential match. She was unbelievably responsive and service was top-notch. But there was one occurrence that really stuck in my head. 

She had just finished showing a property to another client. The location of this particular property was somewhere we were not really considering. But other than location, this house had everything we were looking for: 3 beds, attached garage, a basement big enough for a pool table (a certain hobby of mine) and move-in ready yet plenty of remodel opportunity. So Katie took out her iPhone and shot a quick video tour of the house which she then emailed us. She later said she thought we really needed to see this property and made the video because the photos didn’t do the house justice. 

Think about that for a second: “the photos didn’t do the house justice”. However, the video tour gave us a much better view of the whole house to a point where we were reconsidering the location. The sellers accepted an offer on that house before we could schedule a showing, however, the video invoked a response from us (reconsidering the location) that the photos in the listing simply did not do.

Which brings me back to the blog post from 2007 and why I chuckled when I first read it. Things really haven't changed much since then. Consumers today have the same desires they did 8 years ago. They want to feel a connection with a property. They want to be entertained. They want to be engaged. But for the most part, they're still waiting. Only a handful of teams and brokerages have taken the ball and are running with it. Only a handful of teams and brokerages are producing real estate video content that's driving consumer engagement. Katie shot that little video that was intended to be viewed just by us. If a video shot quickly from an iPhone invoked that type of response from one buyer, imagine the potential response that video produced by a professional filmmaker could have from the hundreds or thousands that view that listing. Talk about consumer engagement! 

To quote our illustrious Matman, “interest and enthusiasm for viewing the property would absolutely be accelerated with a video tour.” 

That statement is every bit as relevant today as it was back then. 

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