July 7, 2015
Let’s all face it: being a content marketer is not a differentiator anymore. When everyone is doing something, it is not a competitively sound approach to merely take part.  

I get my best ideas when exercising vigorously. As a father of two, a hubby to one, and a founder, it is the only time of true, uninhibited quiet. I was on a run somewhat recently and began rethinking the future of the media. Some very interesting ideas came into focus for me and, in the context of real estate content marketing, it touches on a theme that brands must think about because there is one simple fact that the crowd is not thinking about:

Journalism is the only content marketing that matters.

The above statement does not seem groundbreaking in any way, until you start to actually look at the financial formulas implied with that statement. Let’s first outline the old media formula:

Costs of Editorial or Entertainment Quality Content 
+ Teams of people employed by media company. 
+ Expenses paid by media company
= Total Cost of Content Creation

Revenue Model of Editorial or Entertainment Quality Content
     Traffic generated via content X Revenue per traffic unit 

So, media companies incurred the costs of content creation and charged advertisers to reach their audience. As advertising units decline in price, this model breaks more by the day. “Big deal,” you might say, “I have read at least 16,000 articles about this already.” Great...let’s take a look at content marketing.

Brands are now journalists. Thinking of content marketing as anything else will land marketing teams in the most unforgiving waters - consumers might hit the page that houses junk content, but engagement will be down and so will conversions.

Costs of Content Marketing
+ Teams of editorial staff employed by marketers/brands
+ Expenses paid by marketers/brands
= Total Cost of Content Marketing

Revenue Generated via Editorial or Entertainment Quality Content
     Total new customers X average sale price

The theme here has been plainly stated from this domain: brands are either choosing high quality content, aiming for quality, engaged visitors, or they are choosing to create low quality content en masse, hoping that a lower spend will equal revenue. The issue with high volume, low quality is that brands that choose this route did not listen to their parents: “you are who you hang out with.” In other words, is it possible that you are attracting lower quality customers?

The opportunity is plain: brands either consider themselves journalist organizations, spend the money to fuel on-staff and freelance creators, or choose to attract lower quality audiences. There is no middle ground...one or the other.

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