July 29, 2015

Digital marketing might be one of the most fluid, ever-evolving activities that a business will undertake. From Google’s constantly changing algorithm to new, emerging social sites & apps to the latest shifts in web design, heads of marketing need to constantly be on their toes to stay on top of the latest innovation and user behavior trends to get and stay connected to a constantly-connected consumer. One trend that has emerged and established itself at the forefront across all channels of digital marketing and consumer engagement is video marketing.

Technically, video marketing isn’t a “new” trend. Product videos started popping up on ecommerce sites with regularity 6 or 7 years ago (which is a lifetime in the digital world), and it was adopted so quickly because brands and retailers were seeing on average 35-50% lifts in conversion anytime they posted a video to a product page. The positive impact was so profound that marketers started asking themselves, “How else can we leverage this video thing?” Now you’re seeing videos on brand sites for everything - company vibe/lifestyle, customer/client testimonials, how-to/education, athlete/sponsor profiles. It's the single medium that consumers can’t seem to get enough of.

In real estate, brands such as Sotheby’s International Realty, Halstead & Willis Allen are taking the video experience to new levels. They’re doing this with a total consumer-first approach and it’s one of the key reasons why they’re leaders in the real estate industry. In today’s digital world, consumers would rather watch a video of a property tour or an agent talking about the local neighborhood than reading about it or looking at still images. 

Now, I know what you’re saying to yourself right about now. “You are a real estate video platform. Of course you’re going to think that way.” And yes, this is true. But, we’re not the only ones saying it. Websites containing video see the average visitor spend 88% more time than sites with no video. And it’s proven that the longer you can keep a consumer on your site, the greater chance you have to convert that person, whether it’s an ecommerce site generating product sales or real estate site generating leads.

So how do you create videos that will keep someone on your site, consuming more of your content?

1. Appeal to the experience of owning the home. Remember, this is not just a property. This will be someone’s home. Summit Sotheby's International Realty draws on the emotional connection a buyer can experience as they move through this beautiful house.

2. Show your personality. Marketing Director Peyton Cabano not only explains one of Willis Allen’s philanthropic initiatives, but also does so in a fun and entertaining manner that makes it impossible not to get behind it.

3. Show the vision. Halstead profiles Oosten, a new development in Brooklyn, and gets inside the vision of the project with architect Piet Boon that highlights the design, aesthetics and livability of this impressive complex. 

All of these are examples of great video content. The power of these videos to drive consumer engagement is limitless. But it’s not just enough to create amazing content. You can have the world’s most beautiful car, but without an engine that gets that car to move, it’s just going to sit in your garage, where only you get to look at it. You need an engine for your videos to get them out to the masses and use those videos to maximize traffic and lead generation. You need the distribution tools and on-site experiences to harness the power of your video content. Our goal, in it’s simplest form, is to be that engine to get more consumers to spend more time on our partner's site to bring them more business. It’s the reason for our existence and what gets us fired up to come to work everyday. 

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